How To Make Your Vehicle Safer In 2019

Now that 2019 is here, you’ve probably started making strides towards achieving goals on your list of New Year’s resolutions such as eating healthier, working out more, and getting to bed earlier. But what may not have made it on your list is to “be a safer driver.” Here at Denver Mobile Auto Glass, we’re big supporters of this particular goal, as we want everyone driving in and around Denver to be a safe driver. This can not only better protect you and your passengers, but also others on the road. In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to share with you ways you can not only be a better driver, but also make your vehicle safer. If you want to start by repairing or replacing that damaged auto glass you keep putting off, give us a call to get a quote for auto glass in Denver. Otherwise, continue reading to learn our tips!

Six Ways to Make Your Vehicle Safer in 2019

Test Your Brakes Frequently

Brakes are one of — if not the — most important safety features of your vehicle. They help you slow down from going incredibly fast speeds, and keep you from slamming into people, cars, pets, buildings, and a million other things on a daily basis. Like all other features, your brakes are meant to last for a long time — but not forever. Your brakes, and each component of your brake system, need to be replaced regularly to function optimally. If you notice unusual high-pitched noises when slowing down, you feel a vibration, or worst of all, you press the brake pedal to the floor and your car doesn’t stop, it’s time to have your brakes replaced. At the very least, it’s good to have your brakes tested whenever you take your car in for an oil change.    

Check Your Headlights Once a Week

When your headlights, brake lights, or signal lights burn out, your vehicle becomes a driving hazard. When your headlights go out, even if it’s just one of them, it decreases your ability to see what’s in front of your vehicle when driving at night. People typically turn on their brights so the extra light bulb functions as a normal headlight, but this can create a blinding light for other drivers heading toward you.

What’s more, when a brake light goes out, this can trick other drivers to thinking your vehicle is a motorcycle with a single brake light — especially when driving on dark back roads and winding mountain passes. When your signal light doesn’t work, this could cause someone to slam into you when you suddenly stop and turn without warning. Bottom line: check your lights weekly to ensure they’re working properly. It’s always a good idea to keep spare bulbs in your glove box or emergency car kit so you always have one when you need it.  

Replace Your Windshield Wipers Regularly

This is one of the simplest ways to ensure you have a clear line of vision when driving, yet it’s one of the most ignored car maintenance tasks. A good rule of thumb is to replace your windshield wipers at least once every six months. However, if your wiper blades show signs of wear and tear before that point, replace them. Some of the signs it’s time to change your wiper blades include:

  • The rubber squeegee is frayed, falling apart, or completely missing.
  • You hear scratching sounds when running your wipers.
  • There are constant smudges, smears, and streak marks on your windshield.
  • Your windshield never seems to get clean.
  • The wiper blades don’t touch your windshield.
  • Ice and other debris like mud accumulate on your wipers.

Check Your Tires

It’s important to have good tires — especially in Colorado — where we experience all kinds of weather that affect driving conditions and surface conditions. When your tires are bald, your vehicle is at a greater risk of sliding into an object. One simple way to check the tread on your tires is by using a penny. Hold a penny with Lincoln’s head facing down and stick it into the lowest part of the tread. If the tread covers Lincoln’s head, your tires are good to go. Otherwise, it’s time for new tires or a re-tread.

Additionally, be sure to check your tire pressure every few weeks, especially when there’s been a temperature change. Low temperatures can reduce the pressure in your tires. Making sure your tires are filled to the appropriate pressure cannot only keep you safer, but can also save you money in gas.

Replace Damaged Auto Glass

Whether you have a small rock chip in your windshield or your auto glass has a large crack in it, driving with broken car windows is dangerous. Small chips can catch glares from the sun that can temporarily affect your vision. Plus, rock chips almost always grow into larger cracks if left unrepaired. Additionally, driving with large or numerous cracks in your windshield can obstruct your line of site, so it’s best to find out if a windshield replacement is necessary.

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