Online Claims for State Farm Windshield Replacement

Filing an auto glass insurance claim with State Farm offers several convenient options, ensuring policyholders can choose the method that best fits their schedule and preferences. Understanding the importance of prompt and efficient service, especially after experiencing windshield damage, State Farm has streamlined the claims process. Whether you prefer the digital convenience of filing online, the personal touch of speaking with your agent, or direct communication via phone, State Farm accommodates your needs. Each option is designed to initiate the claim process quickly, guiding you step-by-step until your vehicle is back in top condition.


Filing your claim online is fast and easy, accessible through State Farm’s dedicated claims page. This method allows you to start the process at any time, offering the convenience of submitting your claim without waiting on hold or for business hours. Visit State Farm Online Claim Filing to begin.

Contact Your Agent

For those who prefer a more personal touch or have specific questions about their coverage, contacting your State Farm agent directly can provide tailored advice and assistance. Your agent can help navigate the claims process and offer personalized support.


If you’d rather speak to someone directly about your claim, you can call LYNX Services, State Farm’s third-party glass program administrator, at 888-624-4410.

Policyholders in Massachusetts should call 800-526-8210, reflecting State Farm’s commitment to providing region-specific assistance when needed.

Let SLP Autoglass Handle Your State Farm Claim

Choose SLP Autoglass to streamline your State Farm windshield claim. Our direct billing and expert repair or replacement services ensure a hassle-free experience. Contact us to manage the entire process for you, providing quality service at your convenience. Reach out to SLP Autoglass today and let us handle your auto glass needs seamlessly.