how strong are modern windshields

How strong is are modern windshields? Modern auto glass is actually stronger and more useful than you would imagine. Here’s how strong.

Use Auto Glass Services to Strengthen Your Vehicle's glass resistance

Make sure your car’s windshield is ready for anything. Here are tips to ensure longevity of your windshield. Strengthen and keep it strong.

Auto Glass Repair Now or Replace Later - SLP Auto Glass

Auto Glass: Repair Now or Replace Later. Is It Better To Repair Or Replace? We Have Expert Solutions For Your Windshield Problem.

Windshield Replacement What You Should Know

Dealing with vehicle glass or windshield replacement is one of the most frightening tasks for a car owner. This is in stark contrast to the films, which depict individuals driving without windows and windshields as amusing and considerably enjoyable. In the actual world, a shattered windshield is almost always the cause of vehicle accidents, which … Read more

Glass Repair - How Do You Choose the Right Company

Glass Repair – How Do You Choose the Right Company? Find An Experienced Auto Glass Company with Low Price And Exceptional Quality.

Car Window Replacement - Should A Scratched Window Be Repaired Or Replaced

Damage by a little stone can cause a chip in a car window and the tiniest scratch may lead to a huge crack. Therefore, you will need a car window replacement to solve this issue. A car windshield with a crack may also become more visible during the summer. Leaving a crack unrepaired may not … Read more

Auto Windshield Replacement Guide

If you’re searching for the best auto windshield replacement guide, then this information is for you. You may think a small scratch in your windshield does not need replacement. However, some chips may cause a big issue when you’re on the road.  Also, damage to your windshield may cause obstruction to your view and may … Read more

So, you have just replaced the windshield on your car — now what? Your trusted Denver windshield replacement experts should tell you some of these tips after a replacement is done, but just in case, here are some tips when it comes to protecting your brand new windshield. Leave Windows Cracked This may be harder … Read more

Picture this, you wake up in the morning and see that your car’s windshield is completely frozen, you put on your jacket and go outside to warm up your car. You forgot to buy a scraper before the winter so you turn the ignition on and blast the defroster, then go back inside to wait … Read more