The Best Way to Clean Your Windshield – Inside and Out

the best way to clean your windshield - slp auto glass

The sun is bright and the air is crisp. It’s about time to wipe away the salt from treacherous snowstorms and start the act of spring cleaning. We’ve made it, friends, and so has your vehicle. When sprucing up your vehicle for the new season, do not overlook your windshield. Here is the best way …

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Spring Auto Glass Care – 7 Important Tips

Spring Auto Glass Care - SLP auto glass

Looking to protect your windshield in the upcoming season? Here are great spring auto glass care tips by the windshield experts.

New Windshield – 9 Important Care Tips

new windshield - slp auto glass

Just got a new windshield? Afraid to mess it up and have to restart the whole repair process? Here are 9 crucial tips!

How To Stop Your Windshield From Cracking During The Winter

Picture this, you wake up in the morning and see that your car’s windshield is completely frozen, you put on your jacket and go outside to warm up your car. You forgot to buy a scraper before the winter so you turn the ignition on and blast the defroster, then go back inside to wait …

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How to Know It Is Time to Replace Your Windshield

Windshield replacement can leave many drivers with anxiety. Cost and time both play into account when it comes to many car-owning adults. Luckily, a crack or a chip doesn’t mean that it is time for a full replacement. Small cracks can be repaired quickly and efficiently without losing the structural integrity of your windshield. How …

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Tips For Ensuring Your Windshield Doesn’t Crack On The Interstate

Driving on the interstate is something that can’t be avoided when driving in Colorado. With it brings many issues ranging from traffic, anxiousness, and the potential for something to go wrong. On the interstate, many things can go wrong that can be detrimental to your vehicle. One of which is a rock cracking your windshield. …

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