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How To Stop Your Windshield From Cracking During The Winter

Picture this, you wake up in the morning and see that your car’s windshield is completely frozen, you put on your jacket and go outside to warm up your car. You forgot to buy a scraper before the winter so you turn the ignition on and blast the defroster, then go back inside to wait for your car to warm up. You give it a few minutes and get ready to go back out to your car. You walk to your car and get in and what do you see? A huge crack right along the middle of the windshield. How did this happen? Well, during the winter it is almost always because the windshield temperature went from cold to hot too quickly causing it to crack. Now you need to visit your local window replacement in Denver, but how can you avoid this next time?

Why Does This Happen?

It is definitely a shock to see your windshield go from perfect to cracked in a matter of minutes, but why would this happen without having any cracks prior? It is simply because the temperature transition was too quick. When a windshield gets really cold, it begins to contract. This is a very slow process so it doesn’t cause any issues with the windshield. It does the opposite when it gets warm. When it is at its coldest, it settles, the same as when it is warm. The expansion that is caused once it begins to warm up, is typically gradual, but when you add direct heat, it expands quickly. That direct heat causes the windshield to go from contraction to expansion far too quick for it to settle so it causes it to crack.

Tips For Stopping This From Happening

Now that it has happened once, you want to ensure that it never happens again right? Well here are some tips so that it never happens again.

  • Let the inside of your car warm up before you immediately turn the defroster on. This allows for the windshield to warm up a small amount so then it doesn’t shock the windshield with the extreme temperature change.
  • Before you turn the defroster on, try to use a plastic scraper to get as much ice off as possible. This will allow you to use the defroster at a lower temperature because less ice will be left on the windshield. Make sure to use a plastic scraper because using anything metal may scratch the windshield and cause more issues for yourself. 
  • Make sure to replace your windshield wipers as soon as you notice that it is not clearing the water off in a perfect line. If you don’t, it can cause micro-abrasions on the windshield which can expand into a large crack when it gets cold.

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Now you should be able to make sure that your windshield doesn’t crack, but for any of your windshield repairs or windshield replacement needs in Denver, contact us today



The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of Your Windshield

When it comes to windshields, many people are more focused on the outside than the inside. It makes a lot of sense since it is typically the place where cracks happen or the place that is taking the brunt of getting dirty. This means that the inside often gets neglected, but when a windshield gets dirty on the inside, it can be just as much of a hindrance to your view as a crack on the outside and can be harder to clean since you can’t simply use your wipers. While we are your best bet for windshield replacement in Denver, you don’t need us for cleaning your windshield — so here are some tips when it comes to cleaning the inside of your vehicle’s windshield.

Avoid Regular Glass Cleaners

Regular class cleaners could work in theory, but the problem is that they are usually not strong enough to completely destroy the grime that builds upon the inside of the windshield. They are meant to spread it around, rather than get rid of. This will cause your windshield to have more streaks rather than being completely clean. 

DIY Cleaning

You can go to the store and buy specific cleaning solutions meant for car glass, but if you have a couple of household items lying around you can also make your own. All you need is one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. This cleaning solution will break down all of the stuff that may be built up at that point in time. Put it into a spray bottle and shake it up —  then it is ready to go.

Steps For Cleaning

You have the solution, but now you need to know the best way to actually clean the interior of your windshield without making a mess, here is a step by step guide.

  • Lay down towels covering your dashboard and any parts of the interior that are directly underneath the windshield. Doing this will allow you to completely spray the inside of the windshield, and if it drips the towels will protect your interior.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and completely wipe up all of the cleaning solution that you sprayed on the windshield. Make sure to get every single part of the windshield mopped up so that you don’t leave any liquid. If you leave it, it will look unclean in those spots.
  • If you haven’t done this in a long time then your windshield may still look dirty, it is ok to clean it with the solution as many times as you need to achieve your desired results. 
  • If you went with the DIY solution instead of buying a glass cleaner specific to cars, then you may notice that there will be a strong vinegar smell within the car. This will go away after a few hours. If the smell is too strong when you need to drive somewhere, drive with your windows down and it will go away quicker.

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You can handle cleaning the inside of your windshield yourself, but for any of your windshield repairs or windshield replacement needs in Denver, contact us today




Tips For Ensuring Your Windshield Doesn’t Crack On The Interstate

Driving on the interstate is something that can’t be avoided when driving in Colorado. With it brings many issues ranging from traffic, anxiousness, and the potential for something to go wrong. On the interstate, many things can go wrong that can be detrimental to your vehicle. One of which is a rock cracking your windshield. A windshield crack does more than simply impede your vision, it also can harm your vehicle’s ability to protect you in a crash. A windshield can provide 45% more protection in a head-on collision and 60% more in a rollover. Here are some tips to make you avoid having to replace this for as long as possible.

1. Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the most avoidable things that you can do on the road when it comes to both accidents and a rock cracking your windshield. When you are tailgating a vehicle in front of you and they kick up rocks, then the rocks are heading directly towards your windshield. By sticking farther behind a vehicle, if it does kick up any rocks, then the rocks will be traveling at a slower speed if it does hit your car. If it is going slower, then the force at which it hits the windshield is reduced allowing for it to take less of an impact. That dampened impact ensures that your windshield is doing its job in protecting you from getting hurt and having to pay more money than you should.

2. Go The Speed Limit

Going the speed limit is similar to tailgating in that speeding is always avoidable. When you go the speed limit it lessens the impact at which a rock can potentially harm your vehicle. By driving slower you can also potentially see the rock coming and if it is safe to do so then you can avoid it. Going slower ensures that you will spend less money in the long run.

3. Avoid Construction

Construction is certainly not avoidable on the interstate here in Colorado, but if you can use an alternate route to avoid it then you can save your windshield and your car from getting hurt. If taking the scenic route may take too much time, then move your car into the opposite lane of where it is occurring. With big construction vehicles being beside the road, there can oftentimes be more dirt and debris near the lane that is right next to the construction. This means that your chances of getting hit by a rock increase significantly.

4. Stay Away From Semi Trucks

Semi-trucks are one of the worst types of vehicles to be stuck behind on the Interstate. Not only do they impede your vision but they also tend to kick up more rocks. This is because there are a lot more tires on semi-trucks which means a lot more potential for rocks to fly. Most semi-trucks will have mudflaps to stop this, but some do not so avoid them as much as possible. To avoid them, simply pass and get in front of them or at least get in the opposing lane. If you do get stuck behind a semi, try to drive slower and with a large distance between you and them then get over when you can.

Dealing With Windshield Damage

Sometimes getting a chip on your windshield is absolutely unavoidable but it doesn’t always mean that you need a full replacement. Repairing a chip can be easy for windshield repair in Denver, but eventually, chips can begin to crack and once they crack, you are in for a full windshield replacement, which costs a lot more than a repair. If you do need a repair or a windshield replacement, request a quote from Denver Auto Glass today! We are happy to work with your insurance company directly to save you money for your auto glass replacement.

Surprising Ways to Protect Your Auto Glass While Camping

Living in Denver means we are just a few hours away from some of the best camping in the country. But before heading out on your adventure, you will want to consider the state of your auto glass. As with any road trip, camping comes with its set of risks and hazards that could spell disaster for your auto glass. So if you are one of the thousands of Denverites who will be heading to the beautiful Rocky Mountains for some fun summer camping, you will want to consider these auto glass tips before hitting the road. Keep reading to learn helpful hints from your favorite auto glass team at Denver Mobile Auto Glass.

Tips for Protecting Your Auto Glass While Camping

Keep Your Distance

When driving up trails that have loose gravel, keep your distance from drivers in front of you. Doing so can help you avoid rocks that are kicked up from their tires that could become projectiles that could chip or crack your windshield.

Additionally, objects bounce out of tuck beds easily when traveling on bumpy dirt roads, so if the driver in front of you has a fully packed truck bed, stay back in case something bounces out. The last thing you want is for something to slam into your windshield, which could also become a distraction and cause an accident.

Be Mindful of Falling Objects

When driving up I-70, drivers are at risk of falling rocks and other debris that could potentially come toppling down the hills on the narrow stretches of roads. The same is true for many tight and narrow trails. Be mindful of your surroundings and stay alert for any falling objects that could damage your side windows, door windows, sunroofs, and windshields. 

Avoid Parking Under Low Hanging Branches

Loose branches could spell danger for your vehicle and your auto glass. Avoid parking under low-hanging branches or those that look unstable. All it takes is one strong gust of wind to knock that branch lose and onto your windshield, which could mean a repair or even a windshield replacement.

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

The mountains are notorious for experiencing crazy summer storms that produce high winds, hard rain, and even hail. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for all weather conditions while camping. Keep a tarp packed in your vehicle, which can help shield your auto glass during severe storms. 

Mind That Sap

Tree sap is one of the hardest substances to get rid of once it’s found its way onto the body of your vehicle or your auto glass. Not only that, it attracts dirt that can become stuck in the sap, and when that happens on your windshield, it can obstruct your vision while driving. 

When driving up tight trails with lush vegetation to get to your camping spot, be aware that sap can smear onto your vehicle. Don’t assume that the sticky substance will wear away over time, especially if it’s picked up dirt and other types of debris. What’s more. it can harden under the hot sun, making it even harder to remove. To prevent getting stuck in a sticky situation, bring along a car cover to protect your vehicle when it’s parked under trees. You will also want to remove any stuck-on sap immediately to prevent damage, so pack a cloth, rubbing alcohol, a glass-cleaning agent, and a razor blade (to scrape off the sap) in your roadside kit for a quick sap removal.

Schedule a Windshield Replacement

Before heading out on a camping adventure this summer, one of the best things you can do for your vehicle — and your safety — is to have damaged auto glass repaired or replaced. Doing so can help ensure the structural integrity of your windscreen, as well as the body of your vehicle. Not only that, having a clear windshield allows for a clearer line of site, so you can see what’s in front of you while driving down winding dirt roads to get to your camping spot.

If your auto glass is damaged, contact us to schedule a windshield replacement in Denver today! Be sure to ask about our mobile windshield replacement and repair services that can save you time and money. Happy trails!

4 Safety Tips For When You’re Caught In a Storm While Driving

The spring showers are well underway here in Denver, which can bring everything from gentle rain showers to hailstorms with hail the size of golf balls. If you’re familiar with the weather here, you know just how quickly a sunny day can suddenly turn into a thunderstorm-filled afternoon, which can be concerning if you’re on the road. That’s why the windshield experts at Denver Mobile Auto Glass will share a few safety tips so you can stay safe when the weather suddenly changes for the worse while you’re driving.

Four Tips To Help You Survive a Storm When Driving

Find Shelter

A gentle spring shower can quickly transform into a torrential downpour. When it’s raining hard, it can make it hard to see clearly while driving. What’s more, if it’s hailing, your auto glass and the body of your car can get mildly to severely damaged. If you’re not close to home, seek shelter in a parking garage or covered parking spot and wait out the storm. This is can help protect your vehicle from damage, and more importantly, you, from potential injury.

Avoid Flash Flood Areas

Cities and suburbs along the Front Range are notorious for flash floods during severe weather. No matter where you are driving during a storm, be sure to avoid areas that are prone to flash floods. Here are a few hints to help you out:

  • Pay attention to the weather reports on your smartphone and radio.
  • A flash flood watch means conditions are favorable for a flash flood.
  • A flash flood warning means a flash flood is imminent or has been reported.
  • Stay away from bodies of water when watches or warnings have been issued.
  • Flash floods can happen near small and large bodies of water.
  • Flash floods are common in canyons containing creeks or rivers.
  • Dry washes and river and creek beds can flood without warning during a storm.
  • Get to higher ground immediately if you notice runoff heading towards you or you notice water rising.
  • Your vehicle won’t protect you during a flash flood; the power of rushing water during a flash flood can easily wash your vehicle away.  

Pull Over When Visibility Is Bad

A torrential downpour can make it tricky to see the road, so when visibility is bad or nonexistent, your safest bet is to pull over. Find a safe spot to park along the side of the road that is a safe distance from nearby traffic, under an overpass, or in a parking lot. Try to avoid parking under trees or telephone poles that could topple over when high winds are present. Turn your hazard lights on to make your car visible to other drivers, but keep your lights off so your brake lights don’t confuse others.

Stay In Your Vehicle

If you are not in a flash flood zone, staying in your vehicle and waiting out the storm, especially during a powerful thunderstorm that produces lightning and hail, is a smart move. Keep your hazard lights on the whole time you are stopped. If it’s hailing, turn your body away from the glass and use a jacket, sweatshirt, or even windshield visor to shield your head and face in case the car windows shatter.     

Schedule An Auto Glass Service

If your auto glass is damaged during a springtime storm, your Top Rated Local® auto glass experts are just a call or a click away. Reach out to Denver Mobile Auto Glass to schedule a windshield replacement in Denver. We’ll get you scheduled quickly and install a new windshield efficiently to get you back on the road.

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist 2019, Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our short blog series! In the spirit of the new spring season, we began sharing helpful car care hints for you to consider to keep your vehicle running great and looking sharp. Here are some of the tips we offered in our last checklist:

  • Check all lightbulbs
  • Thoroughly inspect your tires
  • Check your wiper blades
  • Replace damaged auto glass

Today, we will pick up where we left off last time with a few more handy car maintenance tips. Think it’s time to have your auto glass repaired or replaced? Contact Denver Mobile Auto Glass to schedule an appointment for a hassle-free and affordable windshield replacement in Denver. In the meantime, follow these hints for springtime car care.

Car Care Tips For Spring 2019

Change Your Oil and Filter

Winter driving places extra demands on your vehicle. Oftentimes, motorists will use low viscosity oils during winter to reduce engine friction and help the engine start quickly in cold temperatures. For the warmer months, it is often recommended to use high viscosity oils to maintain oil pressure. Plus, it’s a good idea to check the filter and replace it if necessary.

That’s why when spring rolls around, it’s the perfect opportunity to change your oil and the filter to ensure your car has new, clean oil to maintain engine lubrication, cool the engine components, remove built-up sludge on the engine, improve gas mileage, and support the longevity of your vehicle. This is one of the surest and easiest ways to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently throughout spring and well into the summer.

Check Your Automotive HVAC System

Your car heater is kicked into overdrive during winter and when spring comes around, it’s a good idea to have your HVAC system checked to ensure function and efficiency. As you are probably well aware, Colorado has some wild temperature fluctuations during spring. Take the weather this week, for instance. On Tuesday, it was a nearly 80-degrees here along the Front Range and the next day, the temperatures plummeted to the 20s when a wild springtime blizzard blew in.

Because we will likely continue experiencing similar temperature fluctuations before the hot weather arrives in May, it’s a good idea to make sure your heating and cooling system in your vehicle are ready for anything. That way, you’ll be ready to blast your A/C on those 80- and 90-degree days that are just around the corner.

Check Your Battery and Spark Plugs

Another component to check is the battery and the spark plugs. Cold winter weather can do a number on your batteries and spark plugs, causing them to charge slower and perform poorly. That’s why it is sometimes hard to get a car started on those extra frigid mornings. Spring is the perfect time to have your battery tested to ensure it has plenty of juice to power your vehicle through spring and summer. A good rule of thumb is to replace batteries that are more than five years old. Additionally, it’s important to ensure the battery is securely mounted and that the battery connections are clean, free of corrosion, and attached tightly for best performance.

Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is probably ready for a good old fashioned spring cleaning right about now. Take advantage of one of the warm days coming up and spend some time thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Scrub off all that winter grime, the stuck-on mud, and all remnants of de-icer and snow salt. Take time to clean your tires as well as the undercarriage of your car to remove any built-up debris that could be reducing your car’s optimal function. Clean your auto glass really well, shine up the headlights and brake lights, and clean off your wiper blades.

Next, dust, vacuum, and polish your interior surfaces for a clean and comfortable ride. Don’t like the smell of those artificial air fresheners? Try spritzing a blend of water and essential oils for a naturally fresh scent.

Schedule An Auto Glass Service

Driving in Denver and pretty much anywhere along I-25 and the Front Range, you’re pretty much guaranteed to drive through road construction. What’s more, sand, rocks, and ice melt are used on public streets to make them less slick during wintry weather conditions. All of these things can contribute to the chips, cracks, and scratches that riddle windshields and car windows. If you have any kind of damage on your auto glass, it is a good idea to have it inspected, repaired, and replaced when necessary. This can help ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Contact Denver Mobile Auto Glass to schedule an appointment for an auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Denver, and spring into the new season with a safe and clean windshield.

Be sure to ask us about our window tinting services to get your car looking sharp for a more comfortable ride!

3 Garage Storage Tips to Prevent Windshield Damage, Part 2

Welcome back to part two of Denver Mobile Auto Glass’s short blog series exploring garage storage tips. We will pick up where we left off last time and share three more tips you can use to create a safe parking space in your garage to protect your auto glass and the body of your vehicle. If you missed part one, here are the tips we offered last time:

  • Install cabinets for additional storage
  • Create wall hangers for tools and cleaning utensils
  • Create a storage bin system to stay tidy and organized

Let’s look at a few more ways to declutter your garage to prevent windshield damage, dents, dings, and other types of mishaps that could harm your vehicle. If you’ve already experienced the windshield damage as the result of a heavy object falling on it, call our pros for a Top Rated Local® windshield replacement in Denver.

Three Garage Storage Hints to Prevent Auto Glass Damage  

Utilize Your Ceiling Space

Garages may seem cluttered and jam-packed full of objects on the ground and walls, but have you thought about making use of the ceiling space? While some garages come with preinstalled ceiling tracks to store objects, building these storage systems is pretty simple. Using the ceiling space in your garage frees up floor and wall space and gives you more room to walk around. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to store the heaviest items above your vehicle for those just-in-case scenarios, but storing items that you only use occasionally, such as seasonal decorations and sporting equipment, is ideal.

Tip: Slide large pieces of sturdy plywood above existing joists to add additional shelving for lighter items. You can also fasten clips or straps to the joists to hang items like ladders. Most importantly, make sure the ceiling storage system doesn’t interfere with the garage door.

Build Storage Shelves

We live in a DIY world, which means tasks such as building shelves in your garage have gotten a whole lot easier for just about anyone willing to use a little elbow grease to get the job done. You can also find different options for easy-to-install wall mounted shelving that is both inexpensive and a breeze to install. Another option is to build hanging shelves that hang along the wall space in your garage.

Tip: If you’d rather skip on building shelves, pick up a few pre-built shelves at your local home and garden shop.

Use Simple Storage Systems

If you want to hang smaller items such as handheld tools, cans of spray paint, adhesives, sanding tools, and more, take the easy yet efficient way out and use hanging shoe organizers. These feature neat little pockets made of clear plastic that hold items securely while allowing you to see what’s in them.

Tip: If you want a larger storage system, cubby shelves used in rooms in the home to store clothing, toys, and other items are an ideal solution. These will keep garage objects neat and tidy without breaking the bank.

Contact Your Denver Auto Glass Experts   

Whatever storage system you decide to use, just make sure it is an ideal size for storing the intended items. Remember, garage storage solutions don’t have to be expensive. Use your imagination and get creative and you’ll be surprised at the ideas you come up with.

When your auto glass is damaged beyond repair, there’s no need to fret — your Top Rated Local® auto glass team is just a call or a click away. Contact us today for an efficient windshield replacement in Denver.

Looking for ways to jazz up your ride? Be sure to ask us about our window tinting services!

3 Garage Storage Tips to Prevent Windshield Damage, Part 1

Windshield damage can occur anytime, anywhere — even in the garage. If you park your vehicle in the garage, there are efficient ways to keep objects stored and secured so they don’t harm the body of your car or your car windows. In part one of our short blog series, the helpful auto glass technicians at Denver Mobile Auto Glass will share three of their favorite garage storage hacks to help prevent damage to your vehicle. Should your auto glass become cracked, damaged, or shattered, your Top Rated Local® auto glass team is just a call or click away. Reach out to us for a windshield replacement in Denver to get your car back on the road with a safe, secure windshield.

Three Garage Storage Hacks to Prevent Auto Glass Damage

Install Cabinets

Cabinets give you extra storage space in your garage while also keeping things neat and organized. Oftentimes, garages feature some type of workbench area or shelving system, but this is not the most efficient way to keep items securely stored. While the idea of installing cabinets in the garage may sound pricey, there are many affordable options to consider. Check online, find pre-built cabinets that are simple to install, or shop for used cabinets that have been repurposed.

Create Wall Hangers

There is a lot of usable wall space in the garage that often goes to waste. Sure, you might lean your yard tools up against the garage wall, but securing these and other items on wall hangers can keep them from tipping over onto your car, or from slamming into your auto glass. If you’re crafty and feel comfortable building your own wall hangers, all you need is a few sturdy pieces of wood to attach the hangers. Or you can buy easy-to-install wall hangers to hold bikes, yard tools, brooms, mops, and more. Whatever you choose, the goal is to secure these items in place to reduce the risk of them falling onto your vehicle.

Use Storage Bins

Get rid of stacks of flimsy cardboard boxes and opt instead for storage bins. When you stack boxes of stuff, there is a good chance that stack will eventually topple over, and if your car is nearby, that could mean a scuffed and dented car or a busted windshield. Storage bins, on the other hand, hold a lot of items, they stack nicely, and the lids generally lock tightly into place. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find what you need, avoid having to rummage through boxes by using clear storage boxes. Also, label each storage container to make it easier to find the things you need. This can help reduce frustration when searching for a specific item in a hurry, which could also help prevent items from falling on your vehicle.

Schedule A Windshield Replacement In Denver

If — in the unfortunate case — you have a full can of paint or a toolbox fall onto your windshield that causes your windshield to shatter or simply leaves a gaping hole, you know who to call. Denver Mobile Auto Glass offers top-notch windshield replacements using only the highest quality auto glass and resins, state-of-the-art equipment, all at affordable prices. Did we mention that we back all our auto glass services with friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable customer service? If you need a windshield replacement, bring your vehicle to Denver’s trusted auto glass team. Call us today!

Why You Need A Windshield Replacement In 2019

When you start the new year with a damaged windshield, you should consider the risks involved with driving with a chipped or cracked windshield. Sure, you’ve probably made a long list of New Resolutions that you’d like to accomplish this year, but where does your vehicle fit onto that list? There are numerous benefits for health and safety of maintaining a vehicle that runs well and is free of damage, not to mention the aesthetic advantages. That’s why today, the auto glass experts at Denver Mobile Auto Glass will highlight four reasons why you need an auto glass replacement in 2019. Ready to enhance the safety and beauty of your vehicle? Contact us for a Top Rated Local® windshield replacement in Denver! In the meantime, enjoy your read!

Four Reasons To Get A Windshield Replacement this Year

Eliminates Driving Risks

Damaged auto glass that is chipped, cracked, or shattered can make driving a real hazard for you and others on the road. Even small chips in your windshield can be a driving distraction and when the sun hits that chip just right, it can temporarily impair your vision. What’s more, when your windshield is riddled with small chips and or large cracks, it becomes susceptible to further damage if it is hit by flying road debris such as gravel and random roadside trash.

Enhances Protection In An Auto Collision

According to a recent auto accident report from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there were 628 reported auto collision fatalities in 2018. This is a scary statistic that shows just how dangerous driving on Colorado roads can be. That being said, the windshield on your vehicle is an integral component of the structural integrity of your entire vehicle. A windshield that is free of damage and that has been installed correctly can protect the driver and passengers during an auto accident, especially during a rollover accident.

Better For Viewing Colorado’s Beauty

Spring is just around the corner and you won’t want to miss any of the beautiful colors of the blossoming trees and flowers along the Front Range. Plus, spring is an ideal time to head up into the high country to get some fresh Rocky Mountain air, and the last thing you want is to have your driving view obscured by chips and cracks peppering your windshield.

Protects Against More Damage

While we’re on the subject of traveling into the high country, if you plan to drive up in elevation with a damaged windshield, beware that the change in elevation can cause more damage to your vulnerable windshield. A change in elevation can cause existing windshield cracks to spider and spread, which means you’ll have no choice but to replace your windshield.

Furthermore, changes in temperature can also contribute to windshield damage. As a Colorado resident, you know just how quickly the temperatures can change here. One minute, it’s 75-degrees and sunny and the next, it’s below 30 and blizzarding. This is not only something to consider when you drive up to the mountains, but also for driving around town.

Schedule a Windshield Replacement in Denver

Don’t go through 2019 with a damaged windshield, which can be a driving hazard and looks unsightly. If you’re ready to make your vehicle safer while enhancing its beauty, it’s time to schedule a windshield replacement with Denver Mobile Auto Glass. We offer affordable windshield replacements and can work with your insurance to make it even more affordable for you. Don’t spend time searching “windshield replacement near me” or “auto glass Denver” when your Top Rated Local® auto glass team is just a call or a click away. Schedule your windshield replacement today!

5 Gift Ideas For A Young Driver

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve probably already started your holiday shopping. If you’re a parent or guardian of a young driver who has just started becoming familiar with the responsibilities that accompany car ownership, you might consider some non-traditional gifts for them. Oftentimes, younger drivers are super excited about the freedom of having their first car, but they forget about the whole maintenance aspect. From replacing the wiper blades to getting regular oil changes, there’s a lot that comes with owning a car. So if you’re looking for gifts that can not only help them maintain their ride, but can also help them be a safer driver, the Denver Mobile Auto Glass team has some great ideas for you in today’s post. If you would like to schedule a windshield replacement in Denver for yourself or for a youngin, give us a call! In the meantime, read our holiday gift ideas for the young driver in your life.

Five Gift Ideas for Young Drivers

New Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are one of those vehicle features that need to be regularly maintained for optimal function, but which often go ignored — especially by younger drivers. New wiper blades make an excellent stocking stuffer. You can even get your young driver a tub of wiper fluid as an added gift. While they may think it’s a silly gift at first, they’ll be thankful to have good wipers when driving in their first snowstorm.

New Tires

Tires with good tread are a necessity for driving anywhere, but especially in Colorado. That being said, new tires can be quite expensive, especially given that tire shops usually require that you replace both front or both back tires, even if only one is needed. The cost of tires can range anywhere from a couple hundred to more than a thousand dollars, and most youngsters who have just started driving don’t have that kind of money. If you want to ensure that the youthful driver in life has safe tires, consider getting them new tires for Christmas.   

Window Tinting

This might be better suited for a young adult driver who has a few years of driving experience under their belt. Tinted windows are a great gift option because, not only do they make a vehicle look super sleek and stylish, they also offer features such as UV protection. What’s more, the adhesive tint film can hold broken glass together in an accident, reducing the risk of injury from shattered glass. Read our recent blog, 5 Common Car Window Tinting Myths Uncovered, to learn more about car window tinting.

Auto Glass Repairs

Sometimes, the best gifts for young drivers are the most practical ones. If the young driver in your life has a rock chip, chances are they’ll ignore it until it turns into a giant crack that stretches the length of their windshield. Not only is this dangerous, but they might also be more likely to get pulled over for operating a vehicle with a cracked windshield. Avoid the burden of having to pay the ticket fine that will probably fall on your shoulders by getting the gift of a windshield repair with Denver Mobile Auto Glass.

A New Windshield

If the young driver in your life already has a large crack in their windshield that grew out of a tiny chip, a new windshield is a gift that will keep on giving. Not only will you have peace of mind in knowing your young driver has a safe and secure windshield, but they will also enjoy driving their friends around in a vehicle that has a pristine windshield.

Tell Us How We Can Help

These are just some of the awesome car care gifts to consider getting for the young driver in your life. If you’re interested in learning more about our auto glass services, including windshield replacements and mobile auto glass repairs, give us a call! Schedule a windshield replacement in Denver for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one. Call your Top Rated Local® auto glass company in Denver today!

From all of us at Denver Mobile Auto Glass, we wish you and yours a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!