Protect Your Vehicle From These Common Springtime Messes, Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this short Denver Mobile Auto Glass blog series. We love springtime here along the Front Range. It’s during this season that we get those 60- and 70-degree days followed by springtime snow storms or heavy rains. Spring showers bring moisture to our dry climate and can help prevent those horrific forest fires that are common in our state, but they can also make it difficult to maintain a clean vehicle.

In part one, we explored some of the most common springtime messes that turn your shiny, clean car into an unsightly mess. Some of the messy things to look out for include:

  • Pollen
  • Tree sap
  • Dead bugs

Here are a few more messes to be wary of this spring. Need a new windshield to spring into the warmer season? Contact us for a Top Rated Local® auto glass replacement in Denver!

Common Springtime Messes to Look Out For

Bird Poop

Ah, yes, bird poop — every car windshield’s worst nightmare. Spring and summer are some of the worst months for bird poop bombs. Sometimes, it seems as though birds just have it out for vehicles and drop bombs of poo on our cars every chance they get, which can make vehicles look messy and unkempt.

Tip: Park in your garage and always park in covered parking spots when you can. When you spot a splatter on your vehicle, clean it off right away. Otherwise, it can leave a lingering mess that gets harder and harder to clean.

Leaves and Flower Petals

As trees, flowers, shrubs, and other foliage begin to bloom, the first rainshower or heavy spring snowstorm can knock leaves and flower petals off and right onto your vehicle. If your car gets covered in leaves, spray it off right away.

Tip: Park under covered parking, especially when you know there’s a storm on the way. Don’t park under trees or low hanging shrubs. Invest in a high-powered hose attachment that can make spraying off your vehicle a breeze.

Mud and Puddles

March usually brings with it a fair share of heavy snow, while April will produce many rainstorms. While we welcome the moisture with open arms in our dry, arid climate, the snowstorms and rain showers can turn clear roads into puddle-covered surfaces and dirt roads into goopy, sludgy mud fields. While there’s really no way to avoid driving through puddles or having mud splashed on your vehicle when driving on dirt roads, there are a few preventative measures you can take.

Tip: When driving in wet or muddy conditions, keep your distance from the car ahead of you to avoid their backsplash; usually about a car’s distance will do. Drive slowly on dirt roads to avoid kicking up your own mud splatters that can get on your car doors, windshield, and rear window. When your car becomes covered in mud, it’s best to take it for a heavy-duty car wash right away. Be sure to get the undercarriage washed, too, to ensure your car’s components can function as they should. The quicker you remove the mud, the easier it will be to get a clean car again.

As an additional tip, don’t forget to clear any caked-on debris like mud from your windshield wipers. When mud and other gunk gets stuck-on to your wipers, they can’t function optimally and actually become more abrasive, which means they can damage the surface of your windshield.  

Visit Your Auto Glass Experts

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