New Year, New Auto Glass: Reasons to Get an Auto Glass Replacement

Happy New Year, and welcome back to our blog! We hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with good food, jolly laughter, and great company. Another year has come and gone and if you’re like most, you’re probably listing out your New Year’s resolutions to start the year off right. One resolution you might add to your list it to finally repair or replace that damaged or broken auto glass you keep meaning to fix, but still haven’t. Take a look at the top reasons to get an auto glass replacement with our skilled team of windshield technicians here at Denver Mobile Auto Glass. We’re sure you’ll want to move this resolution to the top of your list.

Your Auto Glass Is Completely Shattered

Okay, we know, this is the most obvious reason for getting your auto glass replaced, but you’d be surprised just how many people in Denver drive around town with a shattered windshield, shattered side windows, or an obliterated rear window. This is extremely dangerous because, for one, you can’t see clearly out of a shattered window. Second, a shattered windshield means the structural integrity of your vehicle is compromised, which makes driving or riding in your car hazardous to everyone. Third, it won’t take much for a shattered window to cave in; this could be caused by flying debris while driving on the highway, weather, or even something as simple as a branch hitting the shattered glass in just the right spot. Fourth, it’s illegal. You will be fined and your insurance premiums could skyrocket as a result. The bottom line: Driving around with shattered auto glass is simply not worth the risk.

A Windshield Crack Is Getting Larger

Has that crack in your windshield you got back in September that started out as a minuscule chip since spread? We hate to break it to you, but it’s only going to keep getting bigger and bigger. As it grows, it will likely splinter off in different directions (if it hasn’t done so already), which can severely impair your ability to clearly see what’s in front of you. If it is a large crack that has splintered, it is most likely beyond repair and should be replaced. It’s better to address the issue now before it gets worse.

Cold Weather Can Affect Your Auto Glass

The weather here in Denver has been rather unusual as of late. We’ve experienced some pretty drastic temperature changes in a matter of a couple of hours to a couple of days. With the constant fluctuating temperatures, your auto glass tends to expand and contract, and for damaged windshields, this means trouble. As your auto glass expands and contracts, it can make existing damage even worse; small cracks tend to get larger much quicker than usual. Likewise, if your windshield or sunroof is compromised and has been weakened by cracks, any heavy, wet snow, severe ice build ups on your auto glass, or falling branches from the heavy snow can total your auto glass and severely damage the surrounding structure of your windshield.  

Schedule an Auto Glass Replacement Today

These are just a few reasons why you will want to make getting an auto glass replacement a top priority on your list of resolutions. Don’t spend another year driving around with a shoddy windshield that makes driving in and around Denver dangerous for you and others on the road. Instead, bring your car in to finally get that auto glass replacement with us at Denver Mobile Auto Glass. Our experienced, licensed technicians will get you back on the road in a safe vehicle which will give you peace of mind tas you start the new year. Call us today!