5 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Cold

Welcome back to the Denver Mobile Auto Glass blog! With the single-digit temperatures we’ve been seeing around Denver and along the Front Range lately, you’ve probably been concerned about the the wellbeing of your vehicle. And while we will likely continue experiencing frigid temperatures and even more snowfall for another three to four months, we wanted to take a look at some of the best ways to weatherproof your car so that it stays protected from the cold during the next few months. Here are some preventative measures we recommend taking to ensure not only the protection of your auto glass, but also the protection of your vehicle as a whole.

Invest in a Car Cover

The Denver Metro area is growing significantly, especially with vertical, multi-family housing units. Unfortunately, this means many people do not have the option of parking their vehicle in a garage or even under covered parking structures. With the heavy snowfall we’ve been receiving quite consistently over the last few weeks, this makes for a lot of snow and ice buildup on your car, which means a lot of time spent scraping layers of ice off of your auto glass. While covered parking may not be an option for many, car covers provide an additional layer of protection to keep your car safe from snow and ice. Most good car covers provide a waterproof layer to protect your windshield and mirrors from snow and frost, and protect the body of the car from these elements, too.  

Use Windshield Covers

If you don’t want to have to cover and remove a full body car cover every time you use your vehicle, a windshield cover is an excellent solution for protecting a healthy windshield from snow and frost, and keep a damaged windshield protected from suffering further cracks and splits from the cold. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, cold weather can negatively affect your auto glass by making existing damage even worse. A windshield cover will keep the snow and ice off your windshield, and may help insulate your auto glass to maintain a more consistent temperature. This could help prevent further damage to an already cracked or chipped windshield.  

Protect Your Fuel Lines

One common issue that can lead to winter car troubles is when water enters the gas tank and fuel lines. If water gets into your car’s fuel lines, they can freeze, causing your car to become one big hunk of undrivable metal, which is the last thing you want to happen. Many local mechanics recommend adding a protectant solution like Heet to your gas tank, which can help eliminate water from entering the fuel lines.

Inspect Your Tire Pressure

Cold weather can cause a reduction in your tire pressure. In fact, a 10-degree drop in temperature can reduce the air in your tires, or cause constriction, by 10 percent. This means that your tire pressure can fluctuate in a matter of hours when the temperature drops at night and then warms up during the day (or vice versa). Keep a tire pressure gauge in your glovebox or emergency kit to ensure your tires are at the proper levels for optimal handling during wintertime driving. Check the driver’s manual or read the label located inside the driver’s door for the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

Schedule an Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

If your windshield or auto glass is in disrepair, you’ll want to address it immediately. The best way to ensure you’re driving in a safe operating vehicle is by maintaining the health of your windshield, rear window, side mirrors, and side windows. If your auto glass is only slightly damaged with small chips or cracks, you can avoid further damage by bringing your vehicle in for an auto repair with our expert technicians. If you prefer it, our mobile auto glass team can come to you to do the repairs. If you search “auto glass Denver,” don’t go with the other guys; instead, choose the Top Rated Local® auto glass repair team with the experience, equipment, and know-how to repair or replace your auto glass quickly, efficiently, and in a manner that is most convenient for you. Call us today!