4 Tips for Preventing Windshield Damage, Part 2

Welcome back to the Denver Mobile Auto Glass blog! In part one of our short blog series, we shared our tips for preventing chips and cracks on your auto glass. Being a more cautious driver, keeping your distance behind other vehicles, avoiding extreme temperature changes, and replacing your windshield wipers regularly can reduce the risk of suffering windshield damage that could lead to costly repairs down the road. Let’s look at four more tips for avoiding windshield damage in today’s blog post. And if you should experience damage to your car windows, call our team for a Top Rated Local® windshield repair or auto glass replacement in Denver.

Be Cautious in Construction Zones

When driving through construction zones and road work areas it is crucial to proceed with caution. From gravel to soil and rocks, these hazardous zones tend to have all sorts of debris on the road that could potentially damage your car windows, including side windows and sunroofs. Pay attention to your surroundings and maintain low speeds when driving in these areas to avoid chips and cracks caused by flying road debris.

Be Aware of Severe Weather

Living in Colorado means we must deal with all types of weather — and weather can go from pleasant to severe at the drop of a hat. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to weather reports to avoid getting caught in severe weather such as a hailstorm. Inclement weather in all four seasons poses a threat to the health of your windshield and is one of the most common causes of auto glass damage. Seek shelter if a storm is coming and park indoors if you know bad weather is ahead.

Avoid Dirt and Debris

Dirt and other debris can make it difficult to repair chips and cracks. When dirt settles into these crevasses, it turns an easy auto glass repair into one that is much more complicated, especially for DIY repairs. Try to keep your car clean, but also keep in mind that when water gets into cracks, it can also cause further damage to your auto glass.

Get a Windshield Replacement

Sometimes, your best option to is to get a windshield replacement. If your car windows are damaged beyond repair, it is likely that the damage will only get worse. Rather than trying to see through all the damage, bring in your vehicle for an auto glass replacement at Denver Mobile Auto Glass, where you’ll get fast, friendly, quality work that can make your vehicle much safer to drive in. Call us today for a quote!