Why You Need A Windshield Replacement In 2019

When you start the new year with a damaged windshield, you should consider the risks involved with driving with a chipped or cracked windshield. Sure, you’ve probably made a long list of New Resolutions that you’d like to accomplish this year, but where does your vehicle fit onto that list? There are numerous benefits for health and safety of maintaining a vehicle that runs well and is free of damage, not to mention the aesthetic advantages. That’s why today, the auto glass experts at Denver Mobile Auto Glass will highlight four reasons why you need an auto glass replacement in 2019. Ready to enhance the safety and beauty of your vehicle? Contact us for a Top Rated Local® windshield replacement in Denver! In the meantime, enjoy your read!

Four Reasons To Get A Windshield Replacement this Year

Eliminates Driving Risks

Damaged auto glass that is chipped, cracked, or shattered can make driving a real hazard for you and others on the road. Even small chips in your windshield can be a driving distraction and when the sun hits that chip just right, it can temporarily impair your vision. What’s more, when your windshield is riddled with small chips and or large cracks, it becomes susceptible to further damage if it is hit by flying road debris such as gravel and random roadside trash.

Enhances Protection In An Auto Collision

According to a recent auto accident report from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there were 628 reported auto collision fatalities in 2018. This is a scary statistic that shows just how dangerous driving on Colorado roads can be. That being said, the windshield on your vehicle is an integral component of the structural integrity of your entire vehicle. A windshield that is free of damage and that has been installed correctly can protect the driver and passengers during an auto accident, especially during a rollover accident.

Better For Viewing Colorado’s Beauty

Spring is just around the corner and you won’t want to miss any of the beautiful colors of the blossoming trees and flowers along the Front Range. Plus, spring is an ideal time to head up into the high country to get some fresh Rocky Mountain air, and the last thing you want is to have your driving view obscured by chips and cracks peppering your windshield.

Protects Against More Damage

While we’re on the subject of traveling into the high country, if you plan to drive up in elevation with a damaged windshield, beware that the change in elevation can cause more damage to your vulnerable windshield. A change in elevation can cause existing windshield cracks to spider and spread, which means you’ll have no choice but to replace your windshield.

Furthermore, changes in temperature can also contribute to windshield damage. As a Colorado resident, you know just how quickly the temperatures can change here. One minute, it’s 75-degrees and sunny and the next, it’s below 30 and blizzarding. This is not only something to consider when you drive up to the mountains, but also for driving around town.

Schedule a Windshield Replacement in Denver

Don’t go through 2019 with a damaged windshield, which can be a driving hazard and looks unsightly. If you’re ready to make your vehicle safer while enhancing its beauty, it’s time to schedule a windshield replacement with Denver Mobile Auto Glass. We offer affordable windshield replacements and can work with your insurance to make it even more affordable for you. Don’t spend time searching “windshield replacement near me” or “auto glass Denver” when your Top Rated Local® auto glass team is just a call or a click away. Schedule your windshield replacement today!