Ways to Keep Your Windshield Clean-Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our blog. In part one of this short blog series, we began discussing some easy cleaning tips to keep your windshield and side windows clean and free of debris. While the recent thunderstorms have provided some free daily car washes, it’s important to maintain clean windshields and side windows to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Please continue reading below to learn more cleaning tips..

Keep Windshield Wipers Clean   

In order to maintain efficient windshield wiper function, clean the blades regularly with warm, soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Using mineral spirits and a lint-free towel to wipe the edges of the blades can remove tough, stuck-on dirt, debris, and residue, which will help minimize streaking on your windshield. Remember to clean your rear windshield wiper blade, too, as the rear blade often becomes caked with more mud and debris than the front wipers. Cleaning the wipers regularly will also improve the longevity of your wiper blades.

Use Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaners

Ammonia is a common ingredient found in many household cleaning products because of it’s ability to cut through grease and other tough residues. But did you know ammonia can harm tinted windows, and can also damage your car’s interior plastic, vinyl, and leather features? When cleaning interior windshields and side windows, it’s best to avoid using ammonia-based cleaners. Rather, opt for ammonia-free glass cleaners that won’t damage a car’s interiors or tinted windows.

Clean Interior Windshields and Side Windows

You can easily clean the exterior of your windshield with the push of a button or the turn of a switch, while finding time to wipe down the interior windows can be a bit more tricky. The inside of your windshield can become dirty, dusty, and smeared with fingerprints. Also, your interior auto glass can become streaky, especially when condensation builds up overnight after a rainstorm. It’s best to wipe down your interior windshield, side windows, and rear windshield for best visibility.

This concludes our short blog series, and we hope you have found these auto glass cleaning tips helpful. At Denver Mobile Auto Glass, our main priority is to help keep you, your family, and others on the road safe by providing our clients with excellent auto glass replacement and repair services. Call our windshield experts today if you’d like to request a free quote or schedule an appointment for mobile windshield or auto glass repair.