Spring Into Warmer Weather With a Clean Car, Part 2

Welcome back to our blog! Last time, we looked at some of the best ways to spring clean your car to get it looking smooth and shiny for the warmer weather ahead. Our car cleaning tips included:

  • Getting streak-free wiper blades.
  • Brightening your headlights.
  • Replacing your damaged auto glass.

There are so many different features and surfaces in your car that you will want to make sure to touch on as you clean so here are a few more tips to follow as you get rid of the winter grime and reveal the clean underlying surfaces. And remember, if your car needs a windshield replacement, call us at Denver Mobile Auto Glass!

Thoroughly Clean Your Vents

From fall to winter, your vents become incredibly dusty and dirty. Leaves that fall into the hood of your car often make their way into your vents, along with other debris. Car vents, however, are not the easiest features to clean because of the narrow, gated openings. You have a few options here. Foam art brushes are the best choice as they can fit in-between the small grates. You can also use a compressed air can or enzymatic disinfectant spray and Q-tips.



Get Rid of Your Dingy Dashboard

Dashboards capture all kinds of gunk like dust, drips from a leaky windshield, and pet hair. One way to get a dust-free dash is by cleaning it with an old rag and Goo Gone. This will get rid of grime and sticky substances that can trap dust and pet hair.

No More Filthy Floor Mats

Between mud, ice melt crystals, and the dirty residue leftover from melted snow on your shoes, your floor mats take a beating during winter. If you have rubber or plastic floor mats in your car, all you need to do is scrub them with soapy water and spray them down. For carpet floor mats, you can spray them with foaming stain spray and run them through the washer and dryer to get them looking spotless!

Tune in next time as we look at even more ways to clean your car in preparation for spring. If your windshield or car windows could also use some TLC this spring, call us for an auto glass replacement in Denver. A new windshield from Denver Mobile Auto Glass can do wonders for your car! Contact your Top Rated Local® auto glass replacement team today for a free estimate.