Spring Auto Glass Care – 7 Important Tips

Spring is upon us in Denver. The weather is going through drastic shifts. Leaves are starting to grow on trees, and noses are running like faucets. It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for us to climb from our hibernation caves and shed the layers. Right? Well, what about your auto glass? Spring auto glass care is just as important as winter and summer.

The shifting season in Colorado can be a bit crazy. While 75-degree days are becoming standard, sudden snowstorms are sprinkled throughout. Rain and snow will be mixed but ever-present. What does this mean for your car?

With drastic weather comes drastic threats to your car’s windshield and glass. Here are 7 tips on how to handle the spring season.

1. Don’t Put Away the Ice Scraper

Don’t let sunny, sleeveless days fool you. Chilly mornings are still on the way. 

Weather forecasters like Weather.gov still have cold mornings in the forecast for April. To no Denver native’s surprise, the chances of snowy days continue throughout April. Chances are, as soon as you put away your ice scraper, an ice storm will hit. You’ll be left with nothing but your hands and a bad time. 

While ice and snow will not damage your auto glass alone, handling it incorrectly will. Always have an ice scraper on hand until the summer. Incorrectly removing ice with other tools or your windshield wipers may result in unwanted damages.

2. Keep Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Full

Not worried about windshield wiper fluid during freezing days? It makes sense. In fact, you should avoid using wiper fluid during frigid days. But, as stated, springtime is upon us. With that comes a plethora of dirt and pollen that will cover your windshield.

Make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is full going into the season. Now that it is not in danger of freezing solid, make sure it is full every week. You never know when you will need it and you never want to be caught in a situation where you do not have full driving visibility.

Wiper fluids like Rain-X can be great for getting caught in treacherous spring storms due to their water-beading formula. Wiper fluid is also crucial for getting salt off of your windshield after those pesky snowstorms.

Don’t go without it.

3. Don’t Park Under Trees

Intense weather calls for intense conditions. This means more than just hail damaging your car. Surrounding objects can be blown by storms directly into your windshield. Don’t be the vehicle with a tree casually laying upon your hood.

Park away from trees when applicable. This will decrease your chances of being hit by debris during large storms. If you are aware that a storm is coming, move your car from any objects that may be moved by wind.

Wicked storms and snap even the heaviest branches and low-hanging foliage. The last thing you want is to have your car parked in the pathway of falling branches.

Furthermore, trees begin to produce sap, and plants begin to produce pollen in the spring. These annoying substances can coat your windshield. This can make cleaning and upkeep a hassle.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight if Hot

It may sound crazy, but hazardous heat is also on the way. Snowstorms and heatwaves. Isn’t it wonderful living in Colorado?

Spring auto glass care goes beyond snowstorms.

While direct heat will not hurt your auto glass, it can exacerbate already existing cracks and chips. If you have a small chip you are unaware of, leaving your vehicle in the hot sun can make it very, very noticeable.

Simply put, avoid leaving your car in direct sunlight when possible. If you have to do so, use a windshield protector to keep the dramatic sun from boiling your interior. If the inside of the car gets too hot, the pressure difference can affect your auto glass.

We talked further about heat and windshields in our article here!

5. Repair Chips Immediately

If you’ve been putting off those tiny rock chip repairs, now’s the time to address them. The roller coaster of temperatures during Colorado’s spring can worsen existing auto glass damage. That minuscule chip can suddenly become a giant crack stretching across the length of your windshield.

Ultimately, you should get chips and cracks repaired as soon as possible. This isn’t just spring auto glass care. Getting a chip repaired ASAP can help you avoid having to install an entirely new windshield.

Get those small chips repaired before inclement weather makes the windshield unfixable.

6. Use Good Windshield Wipers

Much like wiper fluid, having great wipers is crucial for springtime weather. Don’t get caught in a downpour with wipers barely held together. Don’t get caught in a snowstorm with wipers that scrape and damage your windshield.

Wipers are one of the most important spring auto glass care tips. In fact, wipers are one of the most important car safety tips. When the conditions of a storm are dangerous enough, don’t make it worse by having limited visibility.

Due to the snow and the rain that Colorado gets during spring, make sure you have good wiper blades to keep your windshield clear. Replace wipers that have fallen apart and keep your blades functioning properly by wiping them down with a cloth and rubbing alcohol (or glass cleaner).

7. Get a Windshield Replacement

Spring auto glass care tips fall to the wayside if your current windshield is heavily damaged.

If your windshield, side windows, or rear windscreen are damaged beyond repair, continuing to drive is dangerous to you, your passengers and other drivers. If your windshield is riddled with spidering cracks that make it nearly impossible to see, it’s time for new auto glass.

Our technicians have the skill, top-notch equipment and high-quality materials to install a fresh, new windshield on your vehicle. When you need a windshield replacement in Denver, there is only one name you can trust: SLP Auto Glass.

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