In-Shop Repair or Mobile – Which Is Better for Windshield Repairs?

Windshield and auto glass repairs can be tough. As a company that works entirely on the panes, we truly understand the pains of finding your glass chipped or cracked. And, despite that terrible wordplay we just established, we take the idea seriously. The integrity of your auto glass is important, and getting it fixed when the time is right will forever be a crucial act. Luckily, we offer two different types of repair services. With SLP, you can come in for an in-shop repair or have our mobile team visit you.

And, not just to toot our horn, a fair amount of auto glass companies offer these services. Ultimately, you never know when a glass-related incident is going to strike. You may find yourself in a situation where you simply cannot operate the vehicle safely. In those situations, getting an in-shop repair may seem impossible (without a tow truck).

But what about overall? Is there any benefit in picking one over the other? Let’s discuss.

Here is which method of windshield repair is better between in-shop and mobile:

A Case for Both

At the end of the day, both services have their pros and cons. One option may be better suited for your situation while the other proves to be a hassle. If they both didn’t have their uses, we wouldn’t offer them. You would see a plethora of auto glass companies just offering mobile services. But, that’s not the case.

There are pros and cons to both methods. So, while we won’t put the two options against each other in a cage match, determining one to be significantly better than the other, we will point out the usage of both.


The main draw of a mobile windshield repair is that of overall convenience.

Look at the current state of delivery technology. We live in a time where the world can be placed at your doorstep for a modest (but sometimes significant) delivery fee. In fact, I’m waiting for a grocery delivery right now. Just a decade ago, the idea of having everything brought directly to you would have seemed like futurism. We’re not in the Jetsons yet, but we’re fairly close.

As of 2021, GrubHub had over 33 million users. And, if that statistic isn’t enough, just Google the revenue of any delivery service. People like to get things brought to them. It harkens all the way back to kings asking servers to bring grapes and other medieval facets (or so the movies say).

Therefore, it makes sense as to why mobile auto glass services exist and thrive. Don’t want to drive to a location for an in-shop repair? Need to stay in your office and get work done? Have a service come to you.

Safety, Too

And this convenience doesn’t only surround those of us with busy schedules or at-home jobs. It also helps keep drivers safe.

Obviously, driving with a visually-impaired windshield will cause safety issues. If you can’t see, you shouldn’t drive. But there are more underlying factors at play, too. The concerning thing is more within the structural integrity of the vehicle. Believe it or not, a car’s windshield plays more into safety than just blocking the wind.

Windshields are strong enough to help the structure of the vehicle itself. They actually help stop the roof from caving in on collision. A windshield offers 45% of the structural integrity in a head-on collision and 60% in a rollover accident. This structural integrity helps keep the roof from collapsing and hurting passengers.

Windscreens also help facilitate airbag deployment. Simply put, when an airbag deploys to give you a softer surface to impact, it pushes against the windshield to establish a barrier. If the glass is not strong enough to take the impact of an airbag, the airbag won’t help the passenger much, if at all.

So, if your windshield is damaged enough, it is lowering your safety in the unfortunate case of an accident. Mobile repairs help you avoid any danger here.

What About the Weather?

Now, let’s switch back to the other side of the table. While mobile repairs help maintain safety and convenience, an in-shop repair can be more reliable and responsive.

Recently, we discussed the things that need to be done before a windshield repair or replacement. One of the biggest factors is the outside conditions. If the weather is bad, windshield repair companies can’t complete mobile repairs. It’s that simple.

If the temperature or humidity is too high, the adhesive may not dry correctly, causing your new windshield to leak or deteriorate. If it’s raining or snowing, the same issue applies. There needs to be clear and temperate weather for a windshield replacement to be done correctly. Precipitation and extreme temperatures make it a waste of time.

Furthermore, if those Colorado winter days are too rough (i.e. a foot of snow in April), we simply can’t get to you. Therefore, if you need your repair done in a specific and tight amount of time, an in-shop repair is more reliable.

Safety Repairs

Have any ADAS sensors on your vehicle? Not sure? We broke down the entire subject here.

Simply put, sensors and safety advancements have made the world of driving significantly easier. There are a plethora of new features in modern cars that provide information and warnings for collisions and surrounding traffic and can even provide lit views of dark roads. But, these sensors and displays aren’t foolproof, in fact, they often need repair.

ADAS stands for advanced driver assistance systems. Therefore, ADAS calibration is the precise physical alignment, testing, and electronic aiming of these helpful sensors. Though the technology of the sensors may be advanced, they can still be knocked off course or covered by indirect objects.

A plethora of these sensors (like lane assist and HUD) are placed on your windshield or correlating auto glass. So, when you have a windshield replaced, an expert technician needs to make sure that everything is recalibrated and working correctly. Otherwise, even the slightest knock will make the system completely useless.

An in-shop repair means that the auto glass technician has all the tools and equipment they need to make sure your ADAS sensors are working perfectly. Therefore, if you have safety features as such and need an entirely new windshield, an in-shop repair might be your best bet.

Of course, this may not be necessary for auto glass repairs. If a full replacement of glass isn’t necessary, the sensors shouldn’t be touched in the process, unless your crack or chip is directly on the sensor.


Both services have their benefits. As noted, there isn’t a definite answer to which is better.

If you are too busy to drop your car off at a shop or the damage is too significant to drive on, mobile repair is best for you.

If you need to make sure the repair is done and want to avoid rain delays, or you have complex safety systems connected to your windshield, you may want an in-shop repair.

Regardless of your choice and needs, SLP Auto Glass is here to help. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding which option is best for you. We offer both services daily.