Best Ways to Safely De-Ice Your Auto Glass

Welcome back to the Denver Mobile Auto Glass blog! In our recent post, we looked at some of the best tips for caring for your windshield during the winter. While November and early December have been some of the warmest winter months we’ve seen in Denver in recent years, the unusually warm temperatures have finally taken a plunge. Now that residents in Denver and along the Front Range may finally have to scrape some ice off of their windshields, we wanted to give you some helpful tips that might make deicing your auto glass safer and easier than other harmful methods. Let’s look at the best ways to safely de-ice your auto glass in today’s post.  

Use a Good Scraper

For those folks who haven’t gotten a scraper yet, or can’t find the one they used last winter, don’t just reach for any old object for the job. Invest in a good plastic windshield scraper that you can find in almost any grocery store, gas station, or hardware store. Using objects like an old CD case, a spatula, or a credit card can damage your windshield and the object being used. It’s best to keep an ice scraper in your car year-round, that way you won’t forget to put it back in your car when the cold weather hits.

Turn on the Defroster

We know this method is not the quickest way to defrost your windshield, but it is one of the safest methods. All you need to do is turn on your engine, and crank the defrost setting to start the slow process of defrosting your windshield. As the air blows on your windshield, it will slowly melt the ice off while also heating up your car. This is a much better alternative to pouring boiling water or cold water on your auto glass, which could lead to severe damages that would require your to get a windshield replacement with Denver Mobile Auto Glass. While we would be more than happy to replace your windshield, we want you to use the safest methods possible for removing winter ice.

Spray Windshield with Vinegar Before Freezing Temps

You’ll need to know that the cold weather is coming for this one to work. This vinegar spray is easy to make: simply mix two to three parts white or apple cider vinegar with one part water. This way, if you hear Ed Greene or Lauren Whitney predicting freezing temperatures on the evening news, you can break out your trusty spray bottle with your vinegar solution, and spray down your windshield before the freezing temperatures set in.

Use a De-Icer Spray and Windshield Fluid

If you would rather have a stronger, commercial-grade de-icer solution, these can be applied to your auto glass after the ice has formed. Rain-X and Prestone both make effective de-icer sprays that will remove ice from your windshield in no time, and without harming your auto glass. You can also add windshield wiper fluid to your reservoir that is specially formulated with de-icer enzymes that melt even the thickest layers of ice. Then, all you have to do is turn on your car, start your heater, and spray the de-icer fluid on your windshield. You’ll have clear auto glass in no time!

These are just some of the ways you can safely de-ice your auto glass this winter. Tune in next time as we look at some of the most unusual objects people commonly use to clean the ice off of their windshields. If you need a windshield replacement in Denver, call the experts who will get you back on the road quickly and in a safe vehicle for winter driving. Contact Denver Mobile Auto Glass today for an appointment!