Best Ways to Prepare Your Car for Fall, Part 2

Hi there, and welcome back to the Denver Mobile Auto Glass blog. Last time, we began looking at some of the best ways to prepare your vehicle for the fall season ahead. As you’re well aware, we’ve had some dynamic weather in Colorado as of late. Because you probably took a lot of road trips, camping trips in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, and took that Toyota four-wheeling in the backcountry this summer, your vehicle could use some love and attention. Let’s continue exploring some more ways you can prepare your car for the cooler temperatures ahead.

Battery Check

When’s the last time you checked your car battery? If you’re scratching your head drawing a complete blank, it’s been too long. The last thing you want is to be running late for work during an early morning rainstorm and have your car battery fail on you. Did you know that cold temperatures can affect the function of your car’s battery? Cooler temperatures, and especially those that dip below freezing, can make starting your engine difficult because it takes twice as much battery current as it does in normal weather conditions. To avoid a dead or failing battery, have it tested at your local auto parts store.   

Replace Worn-Out Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers probably got a lot of use this summer with all of the rain along the Front Range. And if you took any trips up mountainous dirt roads to go camping, your wipers probably worked overtime to remove all the dirt and grime from the windshield. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, replace those wiper blades every six months unless you notice they are frayed or aren’t cleaning off your windshields like they should be. If you changed them in the spring in preparation for the spring showers here in Denver, it’s time to replace them. Doing so before the snow starts falling is a great way to prepare your ride for even colder weather that will be here in no time.

Schedule an Auto Glass Replacement

Most importantly, you’ll want to schedule an auto glass replacement before the cold weather really sets in. Cold weather affects auto glass in a number of ways and can make a small crack turn into a large problem. To avoid this, call Denver Mobile Auto Glass, Denver’s auto glass replacement experts. As Denver’s Top Rated Local® auto glass repair company, we’ll replace and repair any auto glass to get your car sealed up and safe for driving this fall. Request a quote or call now to save 5 percent off of the quoted rate.