5 Mistakes To Avoid With Damaged Auto Glass

Auto glass, including the front windshield, side windows, sunroof, and rear window, are built to be strong, durable, and to stand up to a number of hazards. Not only is your auto glass meant to keep out debris, the elements, and other things that can harm drivers and passengers, but it is also part of a system that keeps your vehicles as a whole functioning properly. Therefore, when your auto glass is damaged, it can reduce the safety features of your car.

While auto glass is designed and installed to withstand the toughest conditions and driving hazards, it can become damaged by a number of things. When your auto glass is damaged, here are five things you’ll want to avoid doing. What you should definitely do is call Denver Mobile Auto Glass for a Top Rated Local® auto glass replacement in Denver.   

Five Mistakes to Avoid With Damaged Auto Glass

Mistake #1: Ignore The Damage

One of the worst mistakes you can make when your auto glass is damaged is to ignore the problem. Even the smallest rock chip can lead to a slew of car window problems. It’s best to take care of the issue right away. When the damage is minor, a professional auto glass repair can prevent the chip from spidering out across the length of your glass, which can save you from a full auto glass replacement.

Mistake #2: Attempt DIY Auto Glass Repairs

While a simple rock chip might seem like an easy do-it-yourself fix, it can actually cause more harm to your auto glass. DIY rock chip repair kits are simply not as efficient as the materials that professionals like us use to repair a windshield. Plus, having years of experience and access to innovative equipment means a speedier windshield repair with less risk of creating more damage to the window. Skip on the DIY auto glass repairs and leave it to the pros.

Mistake #3: Put Your Vehicle In Hazardous Situations

When your windshield or side windows are chipped, cracked, or shattered, avoid putting your vehicle in dangerous situations. This might include using your vehicle as a recreational vehicle, driving in inclement weather (especially hail or heavy, wet snow), and parking your vehicle under trees and low-hanging branches. When your auto glass is compromised by damage, it is susceptible to even more damage that could lead to a windshield replacement.

Mistake #4: Let Your Buddy Fix It For You

Everybody’s got a friend who always seems like they can help with auto issues. The problem with letting your buddy fix your windshield is, he’ll likely be using a DIY repair kit that can be purchased at an auto parts store, and he’ll likely claim to have more expertise and experience than he actually does. Don’t let your buddy fix your damaged windshield; make new buddies at Denver Mobile Auto Glass who can help you with all your windshield replacement and repair needs — even window tinting!

Mistake #5: Going to a Shady Auto Glass Company

When you need your auto glass repaired or replaced, your search typically starts out with a Google search for terms like:

  • Auto glass replacement near me
  • Windshield replacement near me
  • Auto glass Denver
  • Auto glass repairs near me

While this is a great place to start, it can be incredibly time-consuming. What’s more, you might find a company that seems legit, but that turns out to shady in the end. Your best bet is to skip the search and instead, opt for a reputable, experienced Top Rated Local® auto glass company like ours, which has shining reviews and a top-notch rating. You can always call us at (720) 248-4560 when you’re in a pinch with your auto glass!   

Call the Auto Glass Experts

When it comes to your auto glass, any damage to these features should be taken seriously. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes; rather, call Denver Mobile Auto Glass! Whether you need windshield repair or an auto glass replacement in Denver, our friendly and experienced team of technicians can help you get back on the road in a safer vehicle. Call us today to get a quote for Top Rated Local® car window services and find out why we’re Denver’s favorite auto glass company.