3 Common Causes of Broken Auto Glass, Part 2

Hello, and welcome back to part two of our short blog series. In our recent post, we began looking at some of the most common causes of broken windshields and damaged auto glass. The three common causes we looked at included:

  • Storm debris (falling branches, hail, objects blowing in the wind, etc.)
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Swift pressure changes

Today, let’s look at three more of the most common causes of broken windshields. If you need a windshield replacement in Denver, call Denver Mobile Auto Glass today to schedule an appointment with our auto glass experts.

Flying Road Debris

Windshield chips are usually caused by small flying rocks, gravel, construction debris, and other road rubbish. While the immediate damage usually seems small and insignificant at first, the chips usually spider out into larger cracks that can sometimes stretch across your windshield, obstructing your view of what’s in front of you. While most rock chips can be easily repaired, the damage often becomes more severe if the issue goes unaddressed. When this happens, a windshield replacement almost always the best solution.


Unfortunately, vandalism is one of the top causes of broken auto glass in Denver. Whether caused by young hoodlums making mischief in the shadows at night or by a retaliating ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who targets your car windows, auto glass vandalism can be a real nightmare for car owners. One common type of auto glass damage caused by vandals is breaking out the rear window with any number of items, such as a bat, a rock, or a brick. While your insurance will likely cover this type of auto glass damage, it can still be an unsettling and frightening experience.

Auto Accidents

Finally, we have reached the number-one cause of broken windshields — car accidents. The Colorado State Patrol lists a total of 26,978 reported auto accidents in Colorado in 2017. Based on the number of vehicles we fix regularly that have damaged windshields and auto glass as a result of car accidents, it can be assumed that many of the vehicles involved in the auto accidents reported last year suffered some kind of damage to the windows. The extreme and sudden force of an auto accident causes auto glass to break, which compromises the structural integrity of a vehicle. In many cases, the damage is minor, but in more severe auto accidents,  the force of the collision often causes the windshield to shatter and cave in.

Call for a Windshield Replacement in Denver

Whether you car windows have been damaged by inclement weather, flying road debris, an auto accident, or even vandalism, you can count on our experienced team of auto glass technicians to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. As a Top Rated Local® auto glass company, we are dedicated to providing quality auto glass repairs and replacements that are affordable and convenient. If you’re in need of a sunroof replacement, auto glass repair, or windshield replacement in Denver, call Denver Mobile Auto Glass to request an appointment.