3 Common Causes of Broken Auto Glass, Part 1

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Damaged auto glass can obstruct your vision and become a serious driving hazard. From broken windshields and cracked side mirrors to malfunctioning sunroofs — if you’re like most people living in the Denver Metro area, you have probably experienced at least one of these auto glass blunders at some point in your life. As your Top Rated Local® auto glass replacement and repair experts with more than ten years of experience under our belts, we have seen it all when it comes to broken auto glass. Today, let’s explore some of the common causes of broken windshields and damaged auto glass. And remember, when you need a quality windshield replacement in Denver, you can count on our dependable technicians to replace your auto glass right the first time.

Storm Debris

As Coloradans, we experience all types of weather. We are fortunate enough to have all four seasons here, but this also places us at a greater risk for windshield damage. During winter and usually spring, too, heavy, wet snowstorms often cause tree branches to fall on top of cars, causing moderate to severe damage to the car’s body and auto glass. Whole trees have even been known to break in half and fall right onto a car, shattering the windshield. During summer, thunderstorms often produce damaging hail that chips, cracks, and even shatters windshields, side windows, sunroofs, and rear windows. And let’s not forget about the high winds that blow through Denver and the surrounding areas. High winds can carry all sorts of flying debris that hits car windows, causing different levels of damage.

Rapid Temperature Changes

Along with the severe weather we encounter living on the Front Range, Coloradans experience rapid temperature changes that can affect our auto glass. While we are lucky to have those random 70-degree days in the dead of winter, when the temperature changes dramatically overnight and drops below freezing, this causes your auto glass to contract and expand. When this happens, any existing damage can become a whole lot worse.  

Extreme Pressure Changes

We live in a region where a plethora of outdoor mountain adventures are just a drive away. Driving up in elevation and then coming back down in quick succession can also affect your windshields and auto glass. For instance, if you have a small chip in your windshield and you drive up I-70 to hit the ski slopes in Breckenridge, the chip in your windshield may splinter out, turning into a much larger problem than it was. Add in the rapid temperature change from going up in elevation to the Rocky Mountains, you are more likely to see your existing auto glass damage get worse.      

Schedule a Windshield Replacement in Denver

If you have a damaged windshield, you’ll want to get it replaced right away. Even if the damage seems small, it could quickly turn into a much bigger problem. What’s more, driving with a broken windshield is not only dangerous to you, your passengers, and other drivers, it may result in a small fine if the damage exceeds federal windshield guidelines. Why risk it?

Call Denver Mobile Auto Glass to schedule an auto glass repair, a sunroof replacement, or a windshield replacement in Denver, Golden, and Lakewood. As a Top Rated Local® auto glass replacement and repair company, our team of friendly, skilled, and experienced auto glass technicians can service most vehicles either in our shop or using our mobile auto glass services. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Be sure to tune in for part two of this short blog series to learn more about the most common causes of broken windshields and damaged auto glass.