So, you have just replaced the windshield on your car — now what? Your trusted Denver windshield replacement experts should tell you some of these tips after a replacement is done, but just in case, here are some tips when it comes to protecting your brand new windshield.

Leave Windows Cracked

This may be harder for someone who doesn’t have a garage during the winter, but if you are able, it is highly recommended that you leave some of the windows cracked. This ensures that the pressure on the outside of the window and the pressure on the inside remains the same. If you can’t do this, it isn’t going to break your windshield or anything, but it will ensure that the seal has enough time to change. You only need to do this for 24 hours or so after it is replaced.

Don’t Wash Your Car 

Like leaving the windows open for a little bit, this only needs to happen for 24 hours after the windshield replacement. The reason you don’t want to do this isn’t necessarily because of the water, but rather because of the pressure of the water on the car. Using high-pressure hoses on the windshield has the potential to mess with the seal and cause it not to completely seal in the way that it should be.

Avoid Roads With Potholes

If at all possible, avoid roads with large bumps and potholes. When driving your car home, you want to completely make sure that any unneeded issues will not arise. If you hit a large bump, it might shake the seal just enough so it doesn’t seal properly. If you see a bump that is not avoidable, then I would recommend slowing down enough to take it pretty slow. This will allow for the seal not to be shaken a ton.

Don’t Slam Your Doors

This is just good practice for your car in general, but you should definitely be mindful of it 24 hours after your windshield replacement. If you accidentally do this, it won’t cause the windshield to completely shatter or crack, but it can cause issues with the seal on the windshield. The seal needs to be perfectly fitted for the structural integrity of the glass. Shaking that might cause it to shift ever so slightly.

This is also a good time to mention that if you have a car that has a subwoofer in it, then just for 24 hours afterward you should turn the bass down. If you don’t, it can rattle that seal and not allow it to apply properly.

Do Not Drive For At Least An Hour

Sometimes you may have to drive, but if it can be avoided, it is highly recommended that you wait. This is because the urethane in the windshield needs at least this amount of time to set. If possible, wait for longer than this, but at an hour the urethane is completely up to safety standards.

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