Tips For Ensuring Your Windshield Doesn’t Crack On The Interstate

Driving on the interstate is something that can’t be avoided when driving in Colorado. With it brings many issues ranging from traffic, anxiousness, and the potential for something to go wrong. On the interstate, many things can go wrong that can be detrimental to your vehicle. One of which is a rock cracking your windshield. A windshield crack does more than simply impede your vision, it also can harm your vehicle’s ability to protect you in a crash. A windshield can provide 45% more protection in a head-on collision and 60% more in a rollover. Here are some tips to make you avoid having to replace this for as long as possible.

1. Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the most avoidable things that you can do on the road when it comes to both accidents and a rock cracking your windshield. When you are tailgating a vehicle in front of you and they kick up rocks, then the rocks are heading directly towards your windshield. By sticking farther behind a vehicle, if it does kick up any rocks, then the rocks will be traveling at a slower speed if it does hit your car. If it is going slower, then the force at which it hits the windshield is reduced allowing for it to take less of an impact. That dampened impact ensures that your windshield is doing its job in protecting you from getting hurt and having to pay more money than you should.

2. Go The Speed Limit

Going the speed limit is similar to tailgating in that speeding is always avoidable. When you go the speed limit it lessens the impact at which a rock can potentially harm your vehicle. By driving slower you can also potentially see the rock coming and if it is safe to do so then you can avoid it. Going slower ensures that you will spend less money in the long run.

3. Avoid Construction

Construction is certainly not avoidable on the interstate here in Colorado, but if you can use an alternate route to avoid it then you can save your windshield and your car from getting hurt. If taking the scenic route may take too much time, then move your car into the opposite lane of where it is occurring. With big construction vehicles being beside the road, there can oftentimes be more dirt and debris near the lane that is right next to the construction. This means that your chances of getting hit by a rock increase significantly.

4. Stay Away From Semi Trucks

Semi-trucks are one of the worst types of vehicles to be stuck behind on the Interstate. Not only do they impede your vision but they also tend to kick up more rocks. This is because there are a lot more tires on semi-trucks which means a lot more potential for rocks to fly. Most semi-trucks will have mudflaps to stop this, but some do not so avoid them as much as possible. To avoid them, simply pass and get in front of them or at least get in the opposing lane. If you do get stuck behind a semi, try to drive slower and with a large distance between you and them then get over when you can.

Dealing With Windshield Damage

Sometimes getting a chip on your windshield is absolutely unavoidable but it doesn’t always mean that you need a full replacement. Repairing a chip can be easy for windshield repair in Denver, but eventually, chips can begin to crack and once they crack, you are in for a full windshield replacement, which costs a lot more than a repair. If you do need a repair or a windshield replacement, request a quote from Denver Auto Glass today! We are happy to work with your insurance company directly to save you money for your auto glass replacement.