Surprising Ways to Protect Your Auto Glass While Camping

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Living in Denver means we are just a few hours away from some of the best camping in the country. But before heading out on your adventure, you will want to consider the state of your auto glass. As with any road trip, camping comes with its set of risks and hazards that could spell disaster for your auto glass. So if you are one of the thousands of Denverites who will be heading to the beautiful Rocky Mountains for some fun summer camping, you will want to consider these auto glass tips before hitting the road. Keep reading to learn helpful hints from your favorite auto glass team at Denver Mobile Auto Glass.

Tips for Protecting Your Auto Glass While Camping

Keep Your Distance

When driving up trails that have loose gravel, keep your distance from drivers in front of you. Doing so can help you avoid rocks that are kicked up from their tires that could become projectiles that could chip or crack your windshield.

Additionally, objects bounce out of tuck beds easily when traveling on bumpy dirt roads, so if the driver in front of you has a fully packed truck bed, stay back in case something bounces out. The last thing you want is for something to slam into your windshield, which could also become a distraction and cause an accident.

Be Mindful of Falling Objects

When driving up I-70, drivers are at risk of falling rocks and other debris that could potentially come toppling down the hills on the narrow stretches of roads. The same is true for many tight and narrow trails. Be mindful of your surroundings and stay alert for any falling objects that could damage your side windows, door windows, sunroofs, and windshields. 

Avoid Parking Under Low Hanging Branches

Loose branches could spell danger for your vehicle and your auto glass. Avoid parking under low-hanging branches or those that look unstable. All it takes is one strong gust of wind to knock that branch lose and onto your windshield, which could mean a repair or even a windshield replacement.

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

The mountains are notorious for experiencing crazy summer storms that produce high winds, hard rain, and even hail. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for all weather conditions while camping. Keep a tarp packed in your vehicle, which can help shield your auto glass during severe storms. 

Mind That Sap

Tree sap is one of the hardest substances to get rid of once it’s found its way onto the body of your vehicle or your auto glass. Not only that, it attracts dirt that can become stuck in the sap, and when that happens on your windshield, it can obstruct your vision while driving. 

When driving up tight trails with lush vegetation to get to your camping spot, be aware that sap can smear onto your vehicle. Don’t assume that the sticky substance will wear away over time, especially if it’s picked up dirt and other types of debris. What’s more. it can harden under the hot sun, making it even harder to remove. To prevent getting stuck in a sticky situation, bring along a car cover to protect your vehicle when it’s parked under trees. You will also want to remove any stuck-on sap immediately to prevent damage, so pack a cloth, rubbing alcohol, a glass-cleaning agent, and a razor blade (to scrape off the sap) in your roadside kit for a quick sap removal.

Schedule a Windshield Replacement

Before heading out on a camping adventure this summer, one of the best things you can do for your vehicle — and your safety — is to have damaged auto glass repaired or replaced. Doing so can help ensure the structural integrity of your windscreen, as well as the body of your vehicle. Not only that, having a clear windshield allows for a clearer line of site, so you can see what’s in front of you while driving down winding dirt roads to get to your camping spot.

If your auto glass is damaged, contact us to schedule a windshield replacement in Denver today! Be sure to ask about our mobile windshield replacement and repair services that can save you time and money. Happy trails!