How To Stop Your Windshield From Cracking During The Winter

Picture this, you wake up in the morning and see that your car’s windshield is completely frozen, you put on your jacket and go outside to warm up your car. You forgot to buy a scraper before the winter so you turn the ignition on and blast the defroster, then go back inside to wait for your car to warm up. You give it a few minutes and get ready to go back out to your car. You walk to your car and get in and what do you see? A huge crack right along the middle of the windshield. How did this happen? Well, during the winter it is almost always because the windshield temperature went from cold to hot too quickly causing it to crack. Now you need to visit your local window replacement in Denver, but how can you avoid this next time?

Why Does This Happen?

It is definitely a shock to see your windshield go from perfect to cracked in a matter of minutes, but why would this happen without having any cracks prior? It is simply because the temperature transition was too quick. When a windshield gets really cold, it begins to contract. This is a very slow process so it doesn’t cause any issues with the windshield. It does the opposite when it gets warm. When it is at its coldest, it settles, the same as when it is warm. The expansion that is caused once it begins to warm up, is typically gradual, but when you add direct heat, it expands quickly. That direct heat causes the windshield to go from contraction to expansion far too quick for it to settle so it causes it to crack.

Tips For Stopping This From Happening

Now that it has happened once, you want to ensure that it never happens again right? Well here are some tips so that it never happens again.

  • Let the inside of your car warm up before you immediately turn the defroster on. This allows for the windshield to warm up a small amount so then it doesn’t shock the windshield with the extreme temperature change.
  • Before you turn the defroster on, try to use a plastic scraper to get as much ice off as possible. This will allow you to use the defroster at a lower temperature because less ice will be left on the windshield. Make sure to use a plastic scraper because using anything metal may scratch the windshield and cause more issues for yourself. 
  • Make sure to replace your windshield wipers as soon as you notice that it is not clearing the water off in a perfect line. If you don’t, it can cause micro-abrasions on the windshield which can expand into a large crack when it gets cold.

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