Ford Windshield Replacement – Reach for Higher Standards in 2022

The “Built Ford Tough” slogan has been etched into our brains since 1979. Fords are tough. Fords are reliable. When dealing with our market, a Ford windshield replacement has always been seen as a trusty and sturdy repair. Simply put, the American car company has worked tirelessly to create an ethos of strength throughout its long tenure.

Furthermore, windshield replacement information has seen an uptick over the years. No, this doesn’t just include our weekly articles. You may not be able to flip through television channels (does anyone do that anymore?) without finding a commercial about windshield repair from a corporate service company. It’s as if, after the last century of auto glass use, people are finally realizing how important its integrity is.

Regardless, windshields are important. We don’t have to tell you that. Ford understands this, too. The automotive company has released a new initiative this year titled ‘Ford Certified Glass Network’.

What does this mean for Ford owners? What does this mean for glass technician companies like us? Let’s break it down.

Ford Windshields Continue to Advance

Ford has centered their new initiative around safety. Basically, they want to make sure that auto glass repair companies, like us, are capable and willing to adhere to their standards in replacements and repairs.

Like many top-of-the-line auto manufacturers, Ford’s auto glass remains through OEM with a plethora of standards and capabilities. With everchanging windshield technology, Ford continues to stay at the forefront. This forward-thinking auto glass technology involves having a clear and sturdy windshield to further their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Lane-Keeping, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Braking, Evasive Steering Assist and Auto High-Beam Headlamps.

Simply put, these new windshield technologies are more than just two glass panes and some adhesive. There’s safety technology splattered throughout all modern vehicles, especially the ‘tough and stable’ Fords. While windshields may not be the first thought racing to minds when asked about car technology, they have their integral role in the overall system.

It does allow you to see, after all.

For example, Ford was the first to release a Gorilla Glass Hyrbid Windshield back in 2015 on its Ford GT Supercar. That’s tough stuff.

The moral of the story, Ford takes their auto glass seriously. So, having a way to soothe patients into trusting that they are receiving Ford-quality windshield replacements from their local shop has become a priority.


Ford’s New Auto Glass Certification Program

Ford’s new auto glass initiative allows repair shops to receive a certification implying that they are trusted and backed Ford Certified Glass Network. This insignia can be displayed to show that all Ford windshield replacements done by the shop are up to Ford’s quality standards.

But is this more than just a certification and sign of comfort for customers?

Jennifer Boyer, Director of Strategy and Business, Ford Customer Service Division, said “The Ford Certified Glass Network (FCGN) supports glass replacement companies who seek to be differentiated in the market by achieving our certification requirements. It is an exciting opportunity for us to work closely with the auto glass repair and replacement industry.”

Windshield repair companies backed by the Ford Certified Glass Network do more than just adhere to the manufacturer’s quality standards. The repair shops must verify that they have the correct calibration capabilities to do the job. If approved, they then have access to Ford Certified Glass Network bonuses like information on technical repair procedures, calibration coaching, technical hotline support and industry-leading process coaching.

Overall, if a windshield repair shop becomes certified by Ford, they have up-to-date info needed to work on Ford glass. This backing provides the highest standard that Ford seems to stand by with a windshield replacement.

Furthermore, being certified by Ford does more for the psyche than just Ford repairs. An auto glass company backed by such a big manufacturer shows that they adhere to quality standards elsewhere, even on other brands of vehicles.

Curt Wormington, Carlex Aftermarket Replacement Glass (ARG) Vice President said “By utilizing Ford genuine OEM glass, industry-accepted Auto Glass Replacement Repair Standards (AGRRS), and the utilization of Ford ADAS calibration procedures and tools, this Network will provide a great option for proper installation of genuine Ford OEM glass.”

What Does This Mean for the Customer?

While certifications can give customers peace of mind when choosing an auto glass repair company, the FCGN backing gives the customer more than just reliability.

Ultimately, Ford OEM windshields are a bit more technical than your standard auto glass. For example, their Heads-Up Display (HUD) features project useful information on a newer model’s windshield. Replacing this specialized glass with a different OEM windshield can reduce the effectiveness of the HUD features due to stringent specifications. Therefore, when you are working with an FCGN-backed repair company, you can rest assured that they will bring you quality replacements that adhere to these high standards.

Also, FCGN repair shops must meet Ford’s qualifications that, in return, add to the customer experience. The repair company must receive and report customer satisfaction surveys to Ford. Furthermore, they must provide a lifetime warranty on any Ford-related auto glass work. This guarantee protects the client from any defects in materials and workmanship for the majority of the vehicle’s life.

Overall, Ford is looking to make loyal customers more comfortable with work done at locally-owned repair shops.


Can we expect to see a plethora of Ford Certified Glass Network repair shops on your local highway? Ultimately, it’s hard to determine.

The list of qualifications for certification is fairly long, and some repair shops may not see the benefit in working towards qualification. A shop not having the certification does not mean they cannot live up to the standards that the network pushes. A shop without the certification can still use Ford-quality auto glass and give warranties. It should not be a detriment to business if they do not receive one.

Overall, it’s an insignia that can calm the mind of careful Ford owners. A Ford windshield replacement can still be done professionally and satisfactorily elsewhere.

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