4 Safety Tips For When You’re Caught In a Storm While Driving

The spring showers are well underway here in Denver, which can bring everything from gentle rain showers to hailstorms with hail the size of golf balls. If you’re familiar with the weather here, you know just how quickly a sunny day can suddenly turn into a thunderstorm-filled afternoon, which can be concerning if you’re on the road. That’s why the windshield experts at Denver Mobile Auto Glass will share a few safety tips so you can stay safe when the weather suddenly changes for the worse while you’re driving.

Four Tips To Help You Survive a Storm When Driving

Find Shelter

A gentle spring shower can quickly transform into a torrential downpour. When it’s raining hard, it can make it hard to see clearly while driving. What’s more, if it’s hailing, your auto glass and the body of your car can get mildly to severely damaged. If you’re not close to home, seek shelter in a parking garage or covered parking spot and wait out the storm. This is can help protect your vehicle from damage, and more importantly, you, from potential injury.

Avoid Flash Flood Areas

Cities and suburbs along the Front Range are notorious for flash floods during severe weather. No matter where you are driving during a storm, be sure to avoid areas that are prone to flash floods. Here are a few hints to help you out:

  • Pay attention to the weather reports on your smartphone and radio.
  • A flash flood watch means conditions are favorable for a flash flood.
  • A flash flood warning means a flash flood is imminent or has been reported.
  • Stay away from bodies of water when watches or warnings have been issued.
  • Flash floods can happen near small and large bodies of water.
  • Flash floods are common in canyons containing creeks or rivers.
  • Dry washes and river and creek beds can flood without warning during a storm.
  • Get to higher ground immediately if you notice runoff heading towards you or you notice water rising.
  • Your vehicle won’t protect you during a flash flood; the power of rushing water during a flash flood can easily wash your vehicle away.  

Pull Over When Visibility Is Bad

A torrential downpour can make it tricky to see the road, so when visibility is bad or nonexistent, your safest bet is to pull over. Find a safe spot to park along the side of the road that is a safe distance from nearby traffic, under an overpass, or in a parking lot. Try to avoid parking under trees or telephone poles that could topple over when high winds are present. Turn your hazard lights on to make your car visible to other drivers, but keep your lights off so your brake lights don’t confuse others.

Stay In Your Vehicle

If you are not in a flash flood zone, staying in your vehicle and waiting out the storm, especially during a powerful thunderstorm that produces lightning and hail, is a smart move. Keep your hazard lights on the whole time you are stopped. If it’s hailing, turn your body away from the glass and use a jacket, sweatshirt, or even windshield visor to shield your head and face in case the car windows shatter.     

Schedule An Auto Glass Service

If your auto glass is damaged during a springtime storm, your Top Rated Local® auto glass experts are just a call or a click away. Reach out to Denver Mobile Auto Glass to schedule a windshield replacement in Denver. We’ll get you scheduled quickly and install a new windshield efficiently to get you back on the road.