3 Tips for Avoiding Hail Damage on Your Auto Glass

Summertime is officially upon us here in Denver, which means the afternoon storms we’ve been experiencing as of late are far from over. We’ve already seen our fair share of hailstorms, so we thought we would share some tips with you to help you protect your auto glass from hail damage this summer. As your Top Rated Local® Denver auto glass experts, we want you to keep your windshields looking clean, clear, and free of obstructive damage such as chips and cracks. Because hail is one of the most destructive causes of auto glass damage, here are three tips to consider to safeguard your windshield from hail damage. Should you suffer hail damage, you can always call us for a car window repair or windshield replacement in Denver.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Make sure you have comprehensive coverage to cover these damages should you need a repair or replacement. Call your insurance agent to review your policy with you and be sure to ask about hail damage so you understand your deductible and other coverage terms.

Seek Immediate Shelter

If you’re driving when a hailstorm hits, seek shelter immediately. Hail comes in all sizes ranging from pea-sized to softball-sized hail. Parking your car under an overpass or in a covered garage can give you shelter until the storm subsides, thus reducing your risk for hail damage.

Keep Window Coverings Handy

While coverings can’t fully protect your car windows from hail damage, they can help reduce the severity of the damage. Because we live in an area that gets frequent hailstorms, it’s best to always keep a few tarps, moving blankets, and protective coverings in your vehicle. You can also use floor mats and towels to help if you don’t have anything else.

Call Denver Mobile Auto Glass

If your windshields get damaged by hail this summer, call Denver Mobile Auto Glass to get a quote. Whether you need an auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Denver, we will take care of you and get you back on the road. Call or click today to schedule an appointment!